How do I Participate?

How to record your story

All district employees and students are encouraged to “tell your story” about what you taught or what you learned.  Anyone can do it. Just look at your Facebook page to see how stories are being communicated every day.  Amateur videos are everywhere. We don’t need full production with lights, camera and editing software. We just need you to tell your story in less than 2 minutes.

Here are some simple guidelines to participate in ManaTeach:

  1. Use cell phone, tablet or video camera.
  2. Shoot horizontal video (sideways shots).
  3. Use a tripod, when practical, to minimize jitter.
  4. Shoot close up rather than zoom. Show faces and activities.
  5. Use the exposure/focus lock so it’s automatically set.
  6. Capture good sound by getting close or using a microphone.
  7. Tell a story in less than two minutes with concise commentary.
  8. Use editing software* or just shoot and send one piece of video.
  9. Students may participate, but only under adult supervision.
  10. Make sure “opt out” students are not filmed.
  11. Identify yourself and your school in video using text or speech.

Find more tips:


How to submit your video

  1. Click on the “Submit a video” link and fill in the blanks.
  2. Double check to ensure all information is complete and accurate.
  3. Click “Choose Video and Submit” to choose your video from your computer or mobile device.
  4. Wait for upload confirmation, your submission will be sent to Communications for review.


What happens next?

  1. Staff at the District’s Office of Communication will review all videos to ensure appropriate content.
  2. You will be notified when your video is approved via email.
  3. You and/or your school is encouraged to freely distribute the video through all available channels (web, email, Facebook, Twitter, event presentations, etc.).
  4. The district will upload your video to the District’s “ManaTeach”  YouTube Channel and may select it as a featured video on the district website.
  5. Incentives will be awarded periodically in a variety of categories (to be announced).


Get Creative!

Although it’s not required, to take your ManaTeach videos to the next level, you may choose to get creative with some video editing. There are several video editing apps available at no charge to create professional level projects. Experiment and enjoy some creative freedom!